International Day of the Girl Child, 2022

Brigidines give thanks for the many opportunities, places and activities in which they have walked with children and young people, particularly girls,  in the pursuit of education and empowerment.

With  colleagues and friends, we rejoice in the progress made in education access for girls, in listening to Girls’ voices, in adolescent Girls’ change-making  and justice initiatives within communities.

International Day of the Girl Child (October 11) aims to shine a light on the many challenges and injustices girls continue to experience.

The United Nations message and resources offer information and reflection:

UNICEF also offers information and suggestions for action, large and small!

Further advocacy information and news are offered by ACRATH:




During the month of October we join together with others to pray a blessing on each and every young girl in our world: 

  • girls in our families & circles of friends;             
  • girls in our schools and education centres across the world 
  • girls exploited and trafficked for the greed or pleasure of others;
  • girls seeking asylum and safety as they flee violence,
  • girls experiencing the impacts of climate change,
  • girls who are change-makers & advocates for justice.     

(With thanks to Claire Griffin)