International Women’s Day

March 8 is the United Nation’s International Women’s Day and the chosen theme this year is “Be Bold For Change”.

As Brigidines, we can play a part in helping bring about better outcomes for women. Through our prayer, celebrations and decisive action we can do our part to help create a more inclusive Church and society.

This International Women’s Day is an opportunity in our homes, communities and places of ministry to:

1. Take a moment at a meal or over a cuppa to celebrate women and their achievements in all areas of life – science, the arts, education, politics, religion and healthcare;

2. Give thanks for the women who gave us birth, taught us and who continue to support, care for and inspire us; send at least one of them a message of thanks;

3. Decide on some action (small or large) that we will take as an individual or with others to help other women, especially those discriminated against – women seeking asylum from persecution, trafficked women, young women struggling to obtain an education or find safe and suitable housing;

4. Pray a Prayer for Women and invite others at home or elsewhere to join us in this prayer.