International Workers Day

1st May each year marks International Workers Day. In 1955, the Catholic Church dedicated 1 May to St Joseph the Worker – the patron saint all of workers and craftspeople.

This year we give thanks for the hard and honest work of people who labour in fields, factories and farms. We give thanks for those who work in hospitals, nursing homes and as care-givers. We acknowledge the workers in kitchens, restaurants and food services of every kind. We give thanks for workers on our roads, railways, wharves and waterways and those who work in the airline industries. We give thanks for childcare workers and educators in every field as well as artists and artisans.

We remember this day those who still work in dangerous and often exploitative places – mines, manufacturing and production of the goods and food that we enjoy. In particular we are aware this day of the millions of exploited workers labouring on many fishing boats, garment factories, cocoa farms, vegetable gardens and as domestic servants.

Especially this year we give thanks for our associates, co-workers and partners in ministry who give their lives and service in bringing about the kin-dom of God wherever they work and minister. They are a blessing for us!