Join the 16 Days Campaign Against Gender-based Violence

From 25 November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, to 10 December – International Human Rights Day we invite you to join the international campaign against gender based violence.

We are aware that human trafficking and modern slavery are two of the more extreme forms of violence which predominantly occur against women and girls. In the coming week, we will be joining with others to light a candle each day and deepen our awareness of the violence these women and girls experience. We now invite you to also remember some victims of gender-based violence in this way each day – when you stop for a cuppa, share a meal at home or gather for prayer.

Nov 25 we remember the women and girls who make up the majority of people trafficked in our world.

Nov 26 we remember girls & young women facing the threat of forced marriage in our countries and globally.

Nov 27 we remember seasonal workers being exploited in agricultural industries & those seeking redress.

Nov 28 we remember women trafficked from Asia & Africa into forced labour or sexual exploitation.

Nov 29 we remember those purchasing clothes made by people paid a living wage for their work.

Nov 30 we remember young girls forced into labour & thus denied their right to an education.