Kids Making History to Stop Climate Change

On Friday 15 March thousands of young people in cities and towns across Australia will strike from school to demand the Australian government take urgent action to stop climate change. They are part of the global movement of young people speaking out to those in power and demonstrating the implications of continuing to dig up and burn fossil fuels.

Recently in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland more than 50,000 students held a similar strike. The young people in these countries and in other places are asking us to join them in demanding change of government policies to ensure an end to climate change. The Southern hemisphere summer has been brutal this year with floods, heatwaves, fires and drought while many places in the Northern hemisphere have experienced floods and extensive snow storms.

“In this graced moment, we are becoming more deeply aware of our mission to live within the one web of life: our common home.” (Brigidine Congregational Forum 2016)

Let us add our voices and our support to those who speak out and take action for ecological and social justice.

(Photographer unknown)