Leading with Courage

With gratitude, Brigidines acknowledge the inspiring works of Kildare Ministries.


As the 2023 school year progresses through Summer and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere,  Kildare Ministries’ schools animate the  Leading with Courage principle among students, teachers and leaders.

Kildare Ministries’  Community Works share courageous outreach,  advocacy and educational initiatives.





To read about initiatives, a unique Retreat  and a collective passion for Justice,  access  KM’s recent Newsletter here:  Newsletter Issue 3 – May 2023




The Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project (BASP) a Kildare Ministries’ Community Work,  shares its most recent Newsletter here: BASP Newsletter May 23

For further information regarding BASP’s work or how you can help, visit BASP website:  Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project



“After listening to Sister Brigid, I feel passionate and motivated. She voiced the importance of being activists for change, and how we, as high school students, can make a positive difference within our community. Hearing about Sister Brigid’s experiences with refugees and asylum seekers was insightful and has truly changed our perspective on how we act.” 
 –  Student,  Star of the Sea College, Brighton