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Sr. Annette Arnold, rsj  is Talitha Kum’s new Oceania Regional Representative.



Annette shares her thoughts:

“Stepping into the role of Talitha Kum Oceania regional representative is both thrilling and humbling. Sister Colleen Jackson has been a guiding light in this position for the past six years, and I am deeply grateful for her incredible work and ongoing support (…). In this role, I am honored to serve as a voice for those who are silenced and marginalized by human trafficking. Together, with the support of dedicated individuals and organizations, we can create a world where exploitation is eradicated, and every person is treated with dignity and respect.”

 Annette Arnold, rsj
Talitha Kum Oceania Regional Representative


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– Sr. Abby Avelino, MM, Talitha Kum International Coordinator


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We’ll do anything we can to get things as cheaply as we can.  

For that to happen, someone has to be exploited.”
– Colleen Jackson RSC  (ACRATH)
“TODAY, and every day, we ask you to reflect on and act against human trafficking.”   –  ACRATH