LCWR Conference Facilitator’s Invitation

While the theme of love had been in the mind of planners for the 2017 LCWR conference, it now seems particularly pertinent. The current world situation makes it even more urgent that we learn ways to be the presence of love in every situation for our world is in need of such a countercultural kind of presence.

At the opening of the conference, conference facilitator, Sister Catherine Bertrand (School Sister of Notre Dame) said she hopes the theme, coupled with the practice of contemplative dialogue during the days, will encourage an “outward thrust and moment.”

Catherine suggests that “this practice is like a movement of mindfulness, a desire to slow down, to be more aware, to listen more intently and to really have a different consciousness in how we relate to each other”. This seems so timely, given what’s happening all around us in our world, our nations and the church.

The 2017 LCWR Conference encourages all of us to remain committed to living in such ways that reflection meets with action thus ensuring that our contemplation can truly effective.