Lenten Action

As we move into the second week in Lent, this might be a good time to review the ways in which we are contributing from our own resources (almsgiving) to help create opportunities for others.

As Brigidine Sisters, we are called “to ensure that the use of our resources is underpinned by generosity, equity, compassion and justice”.  (2016 Revised Constitutions)

May our generosity to the various Lenten Appeals in our parishes and dioceses bring renewal and hope to those on the margins, those living in poverty and the most vulnerable around the world.

Let us also pray during these weeks for those who respond with compassion and professionalism to work for development, reach out in times of emergencies and advocate for a more just society.

For more information go to any of the following links or ones in your area:




Pope Francis once said, “It takes one good person to restore hope!”

We can all be this person.