Look and Listen

This weekend we hear in Matthew’s Gospel 13:1-13 an ever-new invitation to attend God present in the world of Nature and life all around us. As Covid-19 continues to impact on all of us wherever we are, let’s take to heart this invitation of the Spirit in the coming week.

The following text from Veronica Lawson RSM is offered to enrich our reflection and prayer in these days:


What image in this text stays with you as you read it this year? What invitation might it be holding for you?

What change is it inviting you to consider as we celebrate Christ who came to sow God’s seeds of justice, peace and hope in the world?

What action might you and we take to own and name any seeds of racism or prejudice we might see or hear in our own language or in the words of one another?

God, your light of truth guides us as we follow Jesus. May we choose life by rejecting what is contrary to his way of love. May your love make us what we are called to be. Amen.

Image: The Sower by Vincent Van Gogh)