March 19 – Feast of St Joseph

The feast of St Joseph seems an appropriate time to consider the following. Joseph is remembered as a welcoming father who was willing to set aside his legitimate personal plans and love and welcome Mary and Jesus with faith, forming a family life quite different from that which he might have wished.

In what ways can we be more welcoming of the people in our lives and especially of those needing support?

Joseph lived his vocation and mission with discretion and humility, in silence and total fidelity to God’s plans.  He thus became the good and faithful servant who only desired the good and happiness of the people entrusted to him.

How might we be discreet and humble in our community living and in carrying out our mission? 

Joseph is also remembered as someone with dreams, but not like one with his head in the clouds, detached from reality.  With a prophetic gaze, he knew how to look beyond what he first saw and recognize the plans of God.

As we give thanks for the dreamers and prophets in our own community, the Church and the world may we have eyes to see beyond first impressions, expectations and easy solutions to listen deeply to the call of God in the situations in which we must make decisions in our lives and ministries.