World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Brigidine Sisters mark Migrant and Refugee Sunday on 28 September. The theme chosen by the Holy Father is “Forced like Jesus Christ to flee”

According to the official data and analysis on internal displacement, there were 50.8 million internally displaced people across the world at the end of 2019, 45.7 million as a result of conflict and violence, and 5.1 million as a result of disasters. This is the highest number ever recorded.

As communities we offer support to migrants and refugees by raising awareness of the causes of displacement, our presence, our advocacy and through the generous and compassionate use of some of our financial and other resources. To support or learn about to the Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project go to: or contact a Brigidine Sister in your locale.

The following video calls us to take action on these issues.