Open to Fresh Possibilities!

We live in the rather chaotic times! Each week we hear news of the collapse of political systems and financial markets and the escalating effects of global warming. As various crises continue to deepen, we can sometimes find ourselves confused or fearful. We may be tempted to gather in ‘the upper room’ of our lives with our closest friends and close the door on a troubled world. Yet chaos always calls for a creative response, it always beckons us to be open to the possibility of ‘holy surprise’.

In these weeks following Pentecost,  we do well to remember the first disciples who certainly experienced bewilderment over how to move forward when the Holy Spirit flowed among them and breathed new courage into their hearts.

We are told that those who witnessed these events were “amazed and perplexed”. Some were confused, others cynical. Peter reminded the crowds of the words of the prophet Joel by declaring, that all will be called to dream dreams and all will need to be attentive to signs and wonders.
At this time we are being asked the following questions: How do I let my expectations and cynicism close my heart to the new voice rising like a fierce wind? In what ways are we being called to open ourselves further to Divine Energy animating fresh possibilities?