Parables for a Messy Life

The Gospel reading for the Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A is from Matthew 13:24 – 43. In this Jesus tells three parables about the kin-dom of God. These include the parable of a farmer planting wheat and having to deal with weeds, the parable of a mustard seed being sown in a field and that of a woman mixing a little yeast with several measures of flour. Each parable stretches our usual thinking and expectations about how we often think life ought to be.

As you hear the Gospel this week and pray with it which of these parables speaks to you particularly about your life today?

Which image in the text stretches your usual expectations about what you thought was ‘normal life’, about  your current experience of our Congregation, our Church’s mission, our world?

What is being asked of you in your actions and relationships now in response to these teachings of Jesus?

We pray: “You are a God of mercy and compassion and slow to anger. You are abounding in love and truth, turn and take pity on us.”  (Psalm 85:15-16)

The following thoughts shared by Veronica Lawson RSM are offered here to enrich prayer and reflection in the coming week: