Pray for the People of Lebanon

United with people around the world, we hold in our hearts and in our prayer the people of Beirut, Lebanon. A massive explosion in the port area of the capital, Beirut has rocked that city, killing over two hundred people in the area and injuring thousands of others.

Further damage and added suffering has resulted from an extensive number of devastated buildings, shattered windows, fires and traffic accidents.

We pray, God of all people, that your Spirit of healing and protection be with the people of Beirut and Lebanon at this time. May the good news of peace and loving care be with all who live in Beirut, especially those suffering as a result of this disaster.

May the terrifying sounds of explosion, ambulance sirens and the cries of those trapped in buildings give way to sounds of courage and hope. 

May the smell of acrid smoke, burning buildings and remains soon give way to a renewed sense of God’s loving presence and strength.

May there be real cooperation between rescue workers, government personnel and civilians so that true justice and peace might break through for all and people’s deep suffering alleviated.

Our Lady of Lebanon, pray for us and for all who suffer in Beirut.