Prepare Now for Accelerating Climate Threats

In countries throughout the world, the growing threats and impacts of climate change are posing new challenges for leaders, government agencies, rural and urban communities, faith communities and people everywhere.

It is not only poorer and more vulnerable nations that are being hard hit by climate change. The impact of climate change is affecting all countries, especially those with a coastline, and all islands. These impacts are already taking a toll with the displacement of people who risk losing their lands and their livelihoods.

Climate change is also threatening to accelerate violence and conflict which can spread across borders or draw in other countries as it results in worsening food and water shortages and more migration.

Inspired by the hope and joy of the message of Jesus and the spirit of Brigid of Kildare, we bring to our prayer and to our ongoing efforts for ecological justice, “the complexity and inter-relatedness of these factors which threaten the life and well-being of our common home.” (Brigidine Congregational Forum 2016).

We believe we are being called into “new and prophetic relationships with the evolving mystery of the universe, of Earth and of humanity in ever widening circles of love, compassion and justice.”  (Brigidine Congregational Forum 2016).