Racism – Another Deadly Virus!

The  LCWR (Leadership Conference of Women Religious), an association of leaders of congregations of Catholic women religious in the United States has issued a statement strongly condemning the police-killing of another black man, George Floyd, on the streets of Minneapolis US.

In the statement they remind all that: “Racism is America’s original sin. It is a virus every bit as deadly as COVID-19 that has infected our nation since its inception and unless and until we address it, people of color will continue to die and our nation will never heal.” 

We know that racism in all our countries is a sin!

The LCWR statement offers a further challenge to all women religious in the following words: “As women religious we acknowledge our own complicity in institutional racism; we ask forgiveness of our sisters and brothers of color; and we pray for our nation’s healing, and we know that is not enough. It is time for bold, decisive action. We pledge to raise our voices and to act now to end this scourge which has cost us so dearly. It is long past time to dismantle white privilege and rededicate ourselves to building God’s beloved community.”

To read the entire statement go to:


Let us give thanks for strong and prophetic leadership of LCWR at this time and take to heart their call to prayer and action in our own lives, communities and ministries.