Reflections on the UISG Meeting

During May I had the privilege of attending the leaders’ assembly of women’s religious orders, held in Rome every three years. The UISG (International Union of Superiors General) represents some 600,000 women religious. The assembly drew together 465 leaders from Europe; 67 from Asia; 102 from Africa; 157 from the Americas and 10 from Oceania.

Reflecting the hardships and sufferings of many, the theme for this year’s assembly was taken from the writings of St John of the Cross: “drinking from the fountain that springs forth and flows…although it is night.” We pondered the twin themes of mysticism and prophecy. We were challenged to renew our commitment to the mystical aspect of our lives in order to renew the prophetic dimension of our lives.

Tables were assigned according to language groups. My table included English-speaking leaders from India, Africa, Philippines, Slovenia, USA, Switzerland and Australia. This diversity provided rich sharing.


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