Remember to Be Grateful!

In a world marked by conflicts and escalating violence the Gospel reading for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year C (Luke 17:11 –  19) invites us to reflect on the great diversity of life all around us and to be truly grateful for all the goodness encountered in every living being and in all the blessings we receive.

We’re invited to enter into this week with gratitude for the many gifts of each day and over a lifetime. Let’s make this our prayer in coming days!

As you reflect on how life is for so many  today and on the multitude of blessings you’ve been given, what in particular will you give thanks to God for this week?

How will you ensure you move through the week with a grateful heart – by being kinder to and less judgemental of others? By sharing some of your blessings eg time, money, energy etc to spend time with others, make a donation to help those affected by displacement, violence, trafficking or homelessness, other?

The following reflection by Veronica Lawson RSM first appeared at and is offered here as a resource for prayer and reflection in the coming week: