Remembrance Day

As we join people around the world in remembering the end of the First World War, we also bring to mind all who lost their lives during that war and in all the wars and conflicts since then.

At this time each year, we remember too those whose lives are still being shattered by the threat of violence and war, especially the millions of refugees and asylum seekers displaced by conflict in their homelands and who continue to search for a safe and secure home in which to rebuild their lives and their families and to live in peace.


May world leaders be ready to stand for peace rather than threatening acts of violence or retaliation which threated the future of our planet, her peoples and all living beings.

May the God of justice and peace inspire us all to be committed to seeking ways of dialogue and reconciliation rather than resorting to any form of violence.

May we become channels of justice and peace in our homes, our communities and in the wider society and continue to work and pray for peacemakers to be raised up in our time.

“Love and compassion are necessities not luxuries. Without them we cannot survive.”  Dalai Lama