Ritual at Kildare College Adelaide

Kildare College in Adelaide recently welcomed a number of Brigidines who had lived in South Australia or ministered at Kildare College to the “Handing On of Land Ritual” at the College. Many staff, students, friends and supporters of the College were in attendance for the ritual as were some of the Trustees and staff of Kildare Ministries.

(Photos courtesy of Kildare Ministries)

Kildare College was opened in 1966 when the Brigidine Sisters accepted an invitation from the Archbishop of Adelaide, Bishop Matthew Beovich, to open a school for girls in the then newly growing North-Eastern suburbs. Classes commenced at the college with 32 students in February of that year with the official opening taking place on March 13 1966. Brigidine Sisters lived at the college convent until the end of 1990.

Kildare Ministries maintains responsibility for the wellbeing and governance of Kildare College, the only Kildare Ministries school in South Australia. However, the College continues to maintain strong links with the other Kildare Ministries schools and community works in Victoria and New South Wales.

The Kildare College crest reflects ite origins and traditions. The crest includes two crosses, the gold Cross of St Brigid, based on the simple cross of reeds Brigid used and the large cross of diamonds taken from the badge of Bishop Daniel Delany, the Founder of the Brigidine Sisters. The lamp of learning in the centre of the badge represents the light of Christian faith and the light of learning. This lamp is a powerful symbol for the College as a community of life-long learners, linked to St Brigid’s original learning community in fifth century Ireland.