Second Sunday in Lent

This week we hear once again the story of the Transfiguration (Matthew 17: 1-9) in which three of Jesus’ closest and most trusted friends are invited to accompany him to “the mountain”.

We are aware that in the sacred Scriptures, mountains are holy places – places where people most often experience God’s presence and power. In this Gospel account of the Transfiguration, Peter, James and John experience Jesus being totally transformed, with the light of God shining through him. Moses and Elijah, two significant figures representing the Law and the Prophets also appear with them. It was wonderful indeed for the disciples to be in this place! The cloud that appears on the mountain is yet another experience of God’s presence and it is from this cloud that the disciples hear the words: “This is my Son, the One I have chosen, listen to him.”

During the coming week of Lent, we are being invited to listen more deeply to the strong and gentle voice of God speaking to us through every created being, through the unfolding events of our world  and in the midst of all the lows and high moments of our lives.

While we might be tempted to hold on tightly to the moments of joy and affirmation we experience, we must also be ready to face the difficulties, injustices and struggles of life, if God’s ways of peace and justice for all are to come in our time.

The following links might be useful resources for your prayer and reflection in the second week of Lent 2017: