Sixth Sunday of Easter 2020

As another week commences within the context of Covid-19 and we move toward the end of the Easter Season, its encouraging to know that we are never alone.

The Gospel reading for this weekend is from John 14:15-21. It reminds us of Jesus’ promise that he will ask the Father to give us the Spirit of Truth.

What does this mean in your life? When do you call on this Spirit? Is it when fear or anxiety threaten you or someone you love and care for? Is it whenever you face changes or challenges that mean letting go of familiar places and circumstances and trust the unknown? Is it at times when you’re called to ‘speak truth to power’ at work, in Church or other places? Is it as you reflect on the state of much of the politics and situations in our world today?

As we respond to the call of Jesus may we renew our commitment to let love inform our words, our decisions and our living.