Solas Bhride: Coming Events for Feile Bhride 2020

All are invited to join in some of the following events during the Feile Bhride Celebrations for 2020.

A Harp Recital by Sarah Freely on February 2, 2.30 – 3.30pm at Solas Bhride Centre, Tully Rd, Kildare.

Afri Peace and Justice Conference: “Rekindling, Revitalizing, Restoring”. February 8, 9.30am  – 4.30pm at Solas Bhride Centre, Tully Rd., Kildare.

Greta Thorberg has become a world leader, speaking truth to power, exposing the ’emporer’s no cothes’. The Feile Bbride 2020 Conference will be in response  to Greta’s call to action. We must rekindle the flame of justice, revitalize our energies, rewild wherever possible and help restore our awesome planet to its full glory.

To view the full program for Feile Bhride go to: