St Brigid’s Our Patroness

Brigid of Kildare whose remembrance is celebrated on 1st February, is patroness of Brigidine Sisters and of all who have a care for the earth, for justice and equality, for peace and reconciliation. She is a model for a contemplative life.

A great resurgence of interest in all aspects of our Celtic heritage is leading many individuals and groups to rediscover – and draw inspiration from – the lives of the early Irish saints. St. Brigid, the patroness of Ireland, is emerging as one whose life has relevance and inspiration, especially as we try to face the issues that confront our world at this time. When we look at the life of Brigid and at some of these issues we can see more clearly why she continues to be relevant today.

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Happy St Brigid’s Day!

(Image below painted by Sr Doris Klein)