St Oscar Romero

Oscar Romero served as Archbishop of San Salvador in El Salvador, a nation in Central America, during a time of violence against the poor, especially rural farmers, or campesinos.

As the violence intensified, he saw friends being murdered because they were standing with the poor. He began to speak out about this injustice. He became known for using his position as a leader in the Church to decry this violence and stand up for the oppressed. While celebrating the Eucharist on March 24, 1980 he was martyred for his stance.

On his feast day in this year of global crisis which no doubt has its greatest impact on the poorest and most vulnerable, we ponder what resonance his life might have on our lives today?

He spoke often about injustice when his weekly  homilies were broadcast by radio. A month before he died  he said, “A Church that does not join the poor in order to  speak out from the side of the poor against the injustices  committed against them is not the true Church of Jesus Christ.”

God of Mystery, you invite us to continue to fulfill Christ’s call by standing with the oppressed in our communities and  around the world.

Give us the humility, courage and the generosity to respond as Oscar Romero responded in his life.