“Stop the Carnage in Syria”

As the conflict in Syria enters its tenth year, more than eleven million people there require aid relief. According to latest estimates nearly half of these are children. It is believed that fighting has displaced more than six million people inside Syria, sometimes repeatedly, while another five million Syrians are living as refugees beyond its borders. This brutal conflict has exacted an unconscionable human cost and continues to cause a humanitarian crisis of monumental proportions with millions of civilians continuing to face protection risks.

“Tens of thousands are missing, disappeared, detained, subjected to ill-treatment and torture. Untold numbers have been killed and injured. There must be no impunity for such horrific crimes,” says the UN chief  Antonio Guterres.

He added, “My message today is clear, we cannot allow the tenth year to result in the same carnage, the same flouting of human rights and international humanitarian law, the same inhumanity.”

Pope Francis has reiterated his “great apprehension and pain for the inhumane situation of these defenceless people, among whom are many children whose lives are at risk”.

Brigidine Sisters continue to use our voices to advocate for an end to this violence and invite all our associates, partners in ministry and networks to join us in this.

May we be welcoming and supportive of any refugees we encounter from Syria and bring these people and their survival and safety to our prayer.