Stories of Activism in Western Australia

ACRATH members in Western Australia are good at raising much-needed funds, given the organisation runs without any government funding. Heather McNaught knows that every speaking and social engagement is an opportunity to spread the word about human trafficking.

“It’s never just about the money. But it is always about telling the stories, advocating for those people who are forced into labour, those women forced to marry and those people making products in unsafe conditions,” said Heather, one of three people leading WA. “Fundraising is never our end goal. We set out to raise awareness no matter what the event is and the byproduct is sometimes raising money. Because the reality is that we do need to have funds to continue doing the work we do.”

An ACRATH group formed in WA in 2009 and a Brigidine Sister living in Perth has been an active member across the years. It is now a thriving group of 25 members.