Support Needed for Men Seeking Asylum

Brigidine Sister Brigid Arthur says that the beginning of 2021 has been particularly challenging for the Brigidine Asylum Seeker Project (BASP) as 68 men were released (without warning) from detention in Melbourne with 3-6 weeks support and then no income, no housing and usually no employment.

“BASP has been very involved with this group because there are very limited avenues for these men to access assistance. BASP has housed eight men to date and is trying to access more accommodation and employment for the remaining men. 

“As well, the government is continuing to cut the small payment they used to make to most families and individuals (SRSS) who are waiting for the processing of their applications for protection and have no other income.  These payments are still gradually being cut off so many people are facing destitution. 

“There is another group of families and individuals (maybe 100 people in Victoria) who are to be exited from any government support in the near future. They are in a program called community detention and will need considerable help.”

If anyone is able to help in any way, please contact BASP or  email Sr Brigid Arthur