Sydney Steps Up to Eradicate Modern Slavery

The Sydney Archdiocesan Anti-Slavery Taskforce has been working for a few years to overcome modern slavery. They have released a report which calls on all Church agencies to share resources and collaborate more closely in order to eradicate modern slavery.

This comprehensive report flows from a national conference held in Sydney in July. People from forty dioceses and Catholic organizations in health, aged care, education and welfare sectors attended that conference.

To read this progress report: Catholic Action in Australia to Eradicate Modern Slavery in Supply Chains, click on the following link:

What might be some implications for our Brigidine communities, the parishes in which we live and worship and our various places of ministry?

How can we as individuals and as a Congregation share our resources and use our influence in order to eradicate modern slavery?

What individual action can each of us take to ensure modern slavery is not in the supply chain of goods we purchase eg the fruit and vegetables we serve on our tables, the clothes we wear, the tea and coffee we drink or the chocolates we give as gifts?