The Call of Africa

For many years, a small number of Brigidine Sisters have lived and ministered among the people of Kenya. At present we’re aware that many religious, priests and church agencies are taking action to provide relief in East Africa’s drought, which scientists and experts describe as the worst in 40 years.

However, the need for food, water and other basics at this time, resulting from successive rainy season failure, is still significant.

Harvests are decimated, water sources have dried up and the scorching heat has wiped out livestock pastures. Dead livestock or wildlife carcasses have become common by roadsides, and small-scale farmers and herders suffer ongoing devastation.

Agencies estimated that almost 16 million people in Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia are in urgent need of food assistance due to the drought and are suffering hunger, severe food shortages and extreme hardships.

This situation invites us to do whatever we can to support the various agencies taking action to support these people.

It also calls us to consider the impact of climate change on the lands and livelihoods of people and to advocate for action against the ravages of climate change.

Let us bring the complexity and inter-relatedness of these issues to our prayer during this Easter Season.