Third Sunday in Lent

During the coming week we are invited to recall some of the most precious gifts in life.

The Jews, living in dry and sometimes arid places knew the tremendous value of the gift of water without which no-one could survive. The woman in the John’s Gospel 4:5-42 knew well the importance of water for life. She too knew the value of the local well, Jacob’s Well,  to which she regularly came and from the depths of which she drew water.

The unexpected gift of an encounter with Jesus, the stranger at the well who asked her for a drink and promised her living water challenged, refreshed and nourished her thirsty spirit in unfamiliar yet life-giving ways. The encounter revealed to her depths more significant that those of the village well and sent her hurrying back to her town to tell all about the one she’d met who had reminded her of the Christ who would come for all people.

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