To Whom Will Your Hoard Go?

Psalm 24 reminds us that “the earth and all that is in it belongs to God.” However, there seems to be a tendency in all of us to constantly seek more – more possessions, more clothes, more gadgets, more opportunities…..

Even in the global context, there is an ongoing and often urgent appeal to citizens for the unearthing of more resources, growing the economy of our countries, building up our savings and even expanding our arsenal of weapons of war…..

The invitation from Jesus in the Gospel calls us to place our trust in the goodness and generosity of God, to reduce our ecological footprint and to acknowledge that all the gifts of the earth are God’s gifts, not just to a privileged few but for all. (Refer Luke 12:13 – 21)

The following reflection by Veronica Lawson RSM first appeared at and is offered here for your prayer and reflection.