Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday on 16 June this year offers an opportunity to reflect on the rich life of God in which we, and all of creation live and move and have our being. (Refer Acts 17:28). The Gospel reading for Trinity Sunday, Year C is taken from John’s Gospel 16:12-15.

The following reflection on this text by Veronica Lawson RSM is offered for prayer and reflection in the coming week. It first appeared at

The Singing Trinity by Mechtilde of Magdeburg (1208-1282)

Have you heard the singing of the Trinity?

the full throated, robust music that fills the universal air with rhythmic trembling,

and ripples along spring-flowering branches with the delicacy of cherry blossom.

One voice sings:

I am white water, a restless surging stream

sparkling, casting light everywhere at once

gurgling with the pleasure of life and movement

and plunging forward into mystery.

The second voice sings: 

I am the running tide flowing and ebbing,

always in motion, never at rest,

coming and going

divine and human, human and divine.

a tide that runs eternally

with the song of unending love.

The third voice sings:

I am the pulsing of energy rising as sap

bursting as leaf and flower

redenning as autumn glow,

fading as seasons change,

but always living, feeding, sheltering

and always showering with the truth of beauty,

the beauty of truth the hidden depths of earth.

And so in chorus the triune voices mingle their songs

in one great chorus

unbroken, unbreakable, unending chorus.

Listen and you will hear the singing Trinity.

This poem was published in “Praying with the Women Mystics” – Mary T Malone.(Columba Press 2006)