UN World Day Against Trafficking in Persons

As the world marks the UN World Day Against Human Trafficking on 30 July, the following two articles about the evil of human trafficking that still exists in all countries of the world today and efforts being made to stop this evil trade in human persons are worth reading.

These articles give examples of how vulnerable children, women and men can be mistreated and abused. They also offer a strong reminder of how our Christian faith calls us to speak out and to take whatever action we can and the accounts of the efforts of women religious  working to overcome this evil offer inspiration and encouragement.

Sometimes we might be tempted to think that trafficking is quite removed from our daily lives until we consider the clothes we wear, the food, including the chocolate we eat and the tea and coffee we drink.

Impoverished women in dangerous working conditions make many of our clothes, while guest workers, often brutally treated and exploited, pick the fruit and vegetables which grace our tables. If we are to take a responsible approach to the issue of trafficking it is up to each one of us to check where our clothes, our food, our chocolates, our tea and coffee come from. Pope Francis called human trafficking “a form of slavery, a crime against humanity, a grave violation of human rights, and an atrocious scourge” and urged all of us to take a stand against this evil.

To read the articles click on the following links: