UNANIMA International

The key focus of UNANIMA International meeting in March 2010 is the upcoming water campaign and future plans. UI will take the issue of Water for its campaign as part of its Environment and Care of the Planet theme.

The Logo symbolises the link between water and the interdependence of all of Earth’s life forms.

The UN has dedicated World Water Day 2010 to the theme of water quality, reflecting its importance alongside quantity of the resource in water management.

UI Mission Statement

The growing inability of the ecosystems to generate life-giving water and the belief that this “situation” is irreversible, compels UNANIMA International to promote a water ethic which fosters an awareness of the grave necessity to restore the natural filtering system of the ecosystems and which declares that access to life-giving water is an essential right for all life forms.

To this end, UNANIMA INTERNATIONAL collaborates with individuals, groups, organizations and especially with the United Nations to protect this right through education, advocacy, networking and dissemination of materials.

Updates on Tasks

Leadership and Governance Task Group

Bridget Ehlert, Carmel McEvoy and Louise Cleary continue preparing material for the next round of province/regional gatherings. We thank them for the work they have undertaken on our behalf. Consultations have been made with canon lawyers and with other professionals
familiar with the process of restructuring.

Dates for Province/Regional Gatherings

  • Ireland, 19th June
  • New South Wales, 9th September
  • Victoria, 11th September
  • New Zealand, 15th September
  • US, 25th September

Prior to these gatherings Bridget, Carmel and Louise will hold small group meetings in the various areas to communicate the feedback and learnings from the consultants. The first of these will be in San Antonio shortly after Easter. Dates in the provinces and New Zealand are yet to be organised.

Resources Task Group

The first teleconference of the Resources Task Group has taken place. We thank Loretto Ryan, Val McKenna, Anne Phibbs, Angela Ryan, Cathy O’Connor and Margaret Creagh for giving their time and energy to this task. The Task Group is now examining the Resources Data that was returned from provinces and regions and analysing the information section by section.


The updated information for the Brigidine website is almost completed. Thank you to all who have assisted with this task. A message will be sent out through provinces and regions when the site is “live.”

Public Juridic Person (PJP) for Brigidine-owned secondary schools in Australia

The Steering Committee of the PJP continues its work of shaping a process for the development of an application for the establishment of a PJP for the schools. This ministry in the Victorian and New South Wales Provinces will in time be transferred to a new church body whose establishment will be instigated by the two Provinces.

An exciting new initiative will be the inaugural Brigidine Secondary Schools Network Leadership Seminar on May 7 and 8 at the Kildara Centre, Malvern. This is the arena in which the PJP will become a lived reality – the schools themselves.