United Nations Day 24 October

The world in which we live is facing a significant number of critical challenges. There are numerous wars and conflicts and even the threat of nuclear warfare; too many people continue to suffer because of inequality and intolerance. A growing number of places are experiencing extreme weather conditions which are often triggered by the effects of rapid climate change.

In spite of all these and other threats we have access already to the wealth and the tools to overcome many of these challenges. However, what is needed most of all is the will to take action. Today’s global problems are not confined to any one nation or region but rather transcend borders and affect all.

United Nations Day reminds us that only when the human dignity and rights of all are achieved will it be possible to truly build a peaceful, just and sustainable world. This certainly rings true with our experiences of Brigidine life and ministry and calls each one to continued prayer, advocacy and action for justice.

On this United Nations Day 2018, let us be mindful of the one Life we share and of God’s dream that “all may have life and have it to the full.” (John 10:10)

For more information on 2018 United Nations Day theme and activities to: http://www.greeningtheblue.org/event/united-nations-day