Use Your Money Justly When Buying Easter Eggs

Last month, while speaking about modern slavery Pope Francis said that, faced with the tragic reality of modern slavery, “no one can wash their hands of it, without being in some way, an accomplice to this crime against humanity”.

In coming weeks in our families, communities and workplaces we will be considering what Easter eggs we’ll enjoy this Easter. Cocoa is a key ingredient of chocolate and many children in West Africa are enslaved to pick the cocoa beans. They will never taste the delicious chocolate their slavery helps produce.

There is now a wide range of slavery-free chocolate and Easter eggs available, including a budget-priced range of UTZ certified products in ALDI and some supermarkets and a wide selection at Haighs and OXFAM shops; other specialty chocolate shops also have a variety of FAIRTRADE Easter chocolate.

Talk with others about the importance of buying only slavery-free chocolate this Easter and beyond. Try some and tell them how good it tastes. This Easter join this global fight against modern slavery.