Vatican Documents Call for Increased Action Against Human Trafficking

The Vatican has releases two new documents  aimed at inspiring action, aiding current efforts and reaching the long-term goal of preventing and ultimately dismantling the most evil and sinful enterprise of deception, entrapment, domination and exploitation which is human trafficking.

The documents also emphasise the need for increased international collaboration and prosecution of human traffickers, while providing support to victims.

The first document, “Lights on the Ways of Hope,”  is a collection of papal reflections on migration, refugees and trafficking which includes Pope Francis’ speeches, homilies, audiences, prayers and documents going back to Easter 2013.

The second document, “Pastoral Orientations on Human Trafficking,”   focuses on the reality of human trafficking and responses to the problem. It’s the fruit of a six-month long evaluation process following two global consultations with bishops’ conferences, Catholic organisations and religious communities, and experts in the field.

Brigidine Sisters draw encouragement from Pope Francis’ call and will continue to pray for an end to this crime against humanity, support and advocate for agencies and groups engaged in anti-human trafficking work and in supporting survivors of human trafficking.

We will use every opportunity to raise awareness about the injustices that can make people vulnerable to being trafficked and the many ways in which we can all be involved in preventing human trafficking and modern-day slavery.