Vatican Envoy Tells UN: Combatting Slavery Must Be A Priority

Speaking at a leaders’ event at the UN, the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, said the Church has been speaking out against the abuses of human trafficking since the Second Vatican Council in the mid-1960s.

Archbishop Gallagher went on to tell the United Nations meeting in New York that the fight against forced labour, slavery and human trafficking is one of the defining priorities of Pope Francis’ papacy.

The Vatican foreign minister also highlighted that religious sisters, working in coordinated networks, have proved particularly effective in helping victims of trafficking and exploitation – advocating for their rights, providing them with safe havens and other forms of practical and spiritual assistance.

A number of Brigidine Sisters are currently engaged in a variety of networks to eliminate the scourge of human trafficking and exploitation and to help provide support for women, girls and men who have been trafficked into forced labour, sexual exploitation or forced marriages.

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