Vulnerable People Are More At Risk

We know there are millions of confirmed cases of the coronavirus worldwide, and that thousands of people have tragically died from the disease that it causes, COVID-19.

After weeks of lockdowns, global economic activity is collapsing with the eventual fallout difficult to comprehend. The pandemic is showing us just how communities around the world can be connected through a shared experience—in this case, one of suffering. But it is also clear that the coronavirus threatens some more than others: for example refugees, the homeless, migrant workers, minority groups, those with poor access to health care or basic sanitation and those who can’t afford to miss work.

As we live through the extended time of ‘cocooning’ or lockdown, let’s stay mindful of those who have less security and opportunities than we have. May our awareness of these women, men and children be reflected in our prayer, our willingness to share our resources with generosity and compassion and our sense of gratitude for the many blessings that are ours. In this graced moment, may we be led to call for and work with others to ensure that a different future is possible.

God of love, Divine Energy at the heart of all, we trust that together with You, fresh possibilities for our planet and for all people can be animated in these times.

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