“We Are One Human Family”

The former UK Anti-Slavery Commissioner, Kevin Hyland, recently wrote:“The global pandemic of COVID-19 is a powerful reminder that we are one human family. We can only defeat this virus when the human rights of each and every one of us are protected today and in the time ahead.”

To read his full statement go to: https://www.ihrb.org/news-events/news-events/statement-covid-19-migrant-workers

We give thanks for the thousands of migrant workers who are already essential workers in our cities and whose service enriches our nations.

We pray for migrant workers, refugees and those trafficked into forced labour who are most vulnerable to threats of violence and life-threatening disease in unsanitary places or detention.

We remember those millions of advocates, carers, medical professionals and others spending their days and nights ensuring the human rights of each and every person are protected.

Let each of us be ready to play our part in combating this pandemic and ensuring the human rights of all are protected.