We Must Listen to Young Champions

Brigidine Sisters congratulate young people leading the way in calling for meaningful and immediate solutions to the triple planetary crises of climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Recently,  United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) awarded the Young Champions of the Earth prize to seven scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs and activists with bold ideas and solutions for sustainable environmental change. These include: Nzambi Matee (Kenya), Xiaoyuan Ren (China), Vidyut Mohan (India), Lefteris Arapakis (Greece), Max Hidalgo Quinto (Peru), Niria Alicia Garcia (USA) and Fatemah Alzelzela (Kuwait).

To read more about these inspiring young people, their ideas and work go to:  Environment: UN honours Young Champions of the Earth

“In this graced moment, we are becoming more deeply aware of our mission to live within the one web of life: our common home”. (2016 Brigidine Congregational Forum)