We Pray for All in New Zealand

As news unfolds of the tragedy on New Zealand’s White Island where the death toll continues to rise following the volcanic eruption, let us keep in our thoughts and prayers all who’ve lost their lives, those suffering horrific burns and injuries, the missing and the rescuers working in extremely difficult circumstances.

We also hold in our care all the people of New Zealand at this very traumatic time.

God of all life, the extraordinarily destructive power of this volcano confronts us with many unanswered questions. We gather up in prayer the lives of all affected by this event on White Island in the beautiful country of New Zealand.

Nothing is ever hidden from you and you understand all that is mystery to us.  Through the elements of that island and its surrounds – the air, the wind, the sounds and the waters, bring  peace for those who have perished there and healing and hope for the survivors and rescuers. Amen.