We Remember and Celebrate

On the feast of St Mary Magdalene on 22 July we celebrate this apostle to the apostles, the one sent by Jesus to announce his resurrection in a culture where women were not even permitted to give testimony in a court of law.

It was women, and women only – Mary of Nazareth and Mary of Magdala – who are central to the two major events of Christianity – the Incarnation and the Resurrection. And they each followed Jesus to the very end.

In A Monastery Almanac, Joan Chittester OSB suggests that these two women are models for us of ‘a spirituality of the long haul’.

As Brigidine Sisters we draw inspiration from the witness of Mary Magdalene and on her feast day we pray for all women throughout the world that by our memory of her, our faith will be strengthened and our giving more selfless.

St Mary Magdalene, apostle to the apostles, pray for us.