Week 2 : Campaign Against Gender-Based Violence

During the second week of this 16 Days Campaign you are invited to spend a few moments each day remembering the following people and praying for them:
DEC 1   We remember health workers seeking a better understanding or treatment for patients who’ve been trafficked.

DEC 2   We remember women & girls who advocate for human rights and work to eradicate all forms of human trafficking

DEC 3   We remember women and girls who are victims of pornography productions

DEC 4   We remember women rebuilding their lives after being trafficked & deprived of their freedom

DEC 5   We remember young trafficked women who are willing to share their stories of exploitation and healing in order to offer hope to others

DEC 6   We remember women who offer support & companionship to survivors of trafficking & their children

DEC 7   We remember young people advocating for the rights of children forced to work in the mining, & textile industries or in the production of chocolate and cosmetics

Together with others, Brigidine Sisters continue to pray, work and advocate for an end to all forms of violence, and especially violence against women and girls.