What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?

The Gospel for the 8th Sunday in Ordinary time in Year C (Luke 6: 39-45) is more than a collection of Jesus’ mini-teachings and wise sayings or a list of practical reminders about discipleship. In this text Luke reminds us that first and foremost, being a disciple means being like the teacher, ie being like Jesus.

During the coming week spend some time reflecting on which of the following two images in the Gospel you find most challenging – the parable of ‘the blind leading the blind’ or someone with a beam in their eye trying to get the splinter out of someone else’s eye?

As you go about your usual routine at home or at work this week, become aware of and hold in prayer your daily responses to people and events. Do they reflect goodness and kindness or some thorniness/rottenness of heart and mind?

The following reflection prepared by Veronica Lawson RSM was first published at  https://www.mercyworld.org.  

It  is offered here as a resource for prayer and reflection in the coming week:


Art work by Breda O’Neill CSB