What Is Our Earth Telling Us?

As the impacts of climate change affect thousands of hectares of Australian bushland, farming areas, towns, families, businesses and community facilities as well as countless fauna and flora we wonder what our Earth is trying to tell us

For thousands of years, our indigenous brothers and sisters lived on the Australian landscape and cared for the environment.  What can we learn from them about caring for Earth? For many years Brigidine Sisters and many of our family ancestors lived on and managed the land in various states of Australia. Now we watch as we see large swathes of the country tinder dry and on fire.

In other parts of the world, people are being seriously impacted by floods eg in Indonesia or prolonged drought eg in parts of Africa.

As the political debate unfolds as it needs to, let us be prepared to raise our voices for greater ecological justice, including more effective policies, funding and action for change.

Let us contribute as we can financially to one or other of the various emergency funds that have been set up.

Let us also pray for all suffering loss and devastation and for those fighting the fires and supporting individuals and communities at this time.


For those whose homes are threatened by fire, we ask your mercy.

For those who have lost their lives, we ask your mercy.

For those whose lives are threatened by flames, we pray your protection.              

For those who have lost all their possessions, we pray your comfort.

For those whose health is impaired by smoke, we pray your healing.

Be with those who grieve, bring them comfort.

Surround the animals in harms way, may they find shelter.

God in your mercy, hear our prayers. Amen.