Wheels for connections

People who come to stay at Ryder Cheshire Homes in Ivanhoe are temporarily separated from their homes in the country or other parts of Australia and New Zealand, some for lengthy periods of time. They are separated from their family and community at times of great crisis in their lives, such as for having cancer treatment, or with seriously ill loved ones in Melbourne’s hospitals. This often leaves them feeling isolated and lonely.

The goal of this funding is to, on occasions, be able to hire a bus to transport residents and thus enable a community connection to these people to ease their suffering.The project development will ascertain the needs of residents as an ongoing process. It will establish contacts and seek quotes from local bus lines, and connect with community groups to receive ongoing prior notice of events.

It will provide transport for residents not well enough to walk even a short distance to shops to meet their daily medical and food needs, to attend local church services and special events. This project would enable residents to go out together and enjoy life outside the boundaries of Ryder Cheshire Homes. It would provide opportunities to give them a mental and emotional break from their situation. Going out with other residents to events/occasions would encourage them to get to know one another, to give support and encouragement to each other.