Woe to Those Who Exploit Workers!

We hear of it too often – workers being exploited, not being granted the correct time-off or allocation of pension or superannuation payments and even employers withholding wages from their employees.

Pope Francis recently reminded everyone that the cry of workers being exploited in these and other ways “reach the ears of the Lord.”

“Jesus”, he said, “is the one who says, ‘Woe to you who exploit people, who exploit labour, who pay under the table, who don’t pay pension contributions, who don’t offer vacation days. Woe to you!”

“Wage theft, like “skimming” from people’s pay checks “is a sin.” “It is a sin,” the Pope said, “even if the employer goes to Mass every day, belongs to Catholic associations and prays novenas”.

“When an employer doesn’t pay what is due”, he said, “this injustice is a mortal sin. You are not in God’s grace. I’m not saying this, Jesus says it, the Apostle James says it.”

As called for at the 2016 Congregational Forum, Brigidine Sisters strive to respond to this exhortation of Pope Francis through our contemplative presence and action for greater justice for all workers.